Psychodrome: great news !

Just finished Psychodrome and I nominate it for the best Big Finish ever up to now. I absolutely love it. It reminded me of why I fell in love with Doctor Who and this era in particular and the 19th season and the seasons directly before it (namely 15 through 17). The series, before Adric died, was filled with such promise and hope. BF as done an excellent job getting Matthew back and I love what he's doing in this and it more than makes up for the horrible Boy That Time Forgot. Second best must be the recent one with Mary Tamm, Jago and Litefoot and the best Doctor, Tom Baker, in an audio a few months ago now...I liked that one, too. In fact, most of what BF does is enjoyable. And I cannot praise their customer service more. They always fix any oversights, not that there have been many over the last 15 years and always listen to their customers and sort out problems with great communication. I can't praise them enough! Well done!

New DWM with article about Earthshock (Robert Shearman spouts more hate about Adric)

Is this community dead? In any case, the recent issue of DWM 474 has Robert Shearman spout nonsense about Earthshock and Adric. I wrote this in response but I doubt it will ever be printed. They tend to ignore my letters.

Response to Shearman's foolishness about Adric:

I really should stop reading your magazine. First reason: Moffat usually say something infuriating, second: others do: the most recent issue I've seen, it's Robert Shearman. "No one ever really liked him very much." Wrong, Robert. As a long time reader and fan, I can assure Mr. Shearman (if he ever looked almost anywhere on the net, he'd find out himself) that many someones liked Adric a great deal. Sure, there are some sycophants who join the bandwagon and say the "party line" but I seem to recall during the filming of the Visitation that many more fans and viewers were seeking Matthew Waterhouse's autograph than were seeking Peter, Janet, and Sarah. "It leaves us feeling a bit guilty and embarrassed." No. Not really. At all. It left many of us feeling sad that he was gone. Then there's this: "...he's also a buffoon whose actions would have prevented the extinction of the dinosaurs. ...also because he's once again trying to show off how clever he is." Was he watching the same show as the rest of us? I didn't get the "show off" in this episode at all. In fact, Adric had shed that image completely for this story, having learned his lesson in Kinda. In fact, despite popular opinion, I feel that had Adric not acted in that moment, the Earth would have totally destroyed, dinos and all. He might have lessened the impact and thus, saved the Earth anyway. I also never saw him trying to wonder why he wasn't brought friends. I don't know what show Shearman is or was watching. The only reason this Doctor preferred the other two is that they were females and the gender cliché had to be kept: Doctor Who needed the girls to be girls to keep the father's watching (something JNT was fond of saying). It's a shame that to this day there are still DW writers who just do not "get" Adric. At all.

Doctor Ten visits his old companions including one Freighter....slash

Title: Doctor Who, Jesse, and Jeremy 126
Chapter 126: Remembrance of the Companions part two
Rating: R – X
The Doctor is currently moving back through his past selves as he degenerates. Current: Laying dying, possibly for the last time, the Doctor, still trapped in his very old Fourth Doctor Leisure Hive Recreation Generator body, recalls when as the Tenth Doctor, he revisited everyone of his former companions all over time and space. This time, he visits Fitz, Grace, Chang Lee, Benny, Benny's son Peter, Hex, Hugh, Janet, brunette Sam, blond Sam, Kroton, Grant, Jeremy Fitzoliver, Ace, Evelyn, Mel, Frobisher, Peri, Nyssa of Terminus, Olvir, Tegan, Turlough, Matthew, and a certain space freighter...

More Lots Of Adric News or Lots of Adric/Matthew news 2

Destiny of the Doctors for Doc 5 has Adric in it.

Prisoners of Time issue 5 has Adric in it.

On stage Matthew appeared at the BFI airing of Caves of Androzani with Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, and Sarah Sutton and the director. Everyone was quite nice.

On the special dvd of Visitation, there was a pointless romp through the locations for the story with insult of insults...Mark Strickson (who I like btw) and some fun that seemed harmless. Everyone fell like Adric in the woods AND they talked of how the stunt of THE DOCTOR (it wasn't him) pushed someone over as Adric knelt down behind the person failed thanks to Matthew. AND thee was a cake of all the characters and the TARDIS and one was Adric. AND one of them (can't remember which one, maybe Peter) asked if they all get a cut of the Adric cake figure.

Lot of Adric news that time out! Here's hoping (maybe) Big Finish can do Adric better.

Nick Briggs (I think) was rather embarrassed by BOY TIME FORGOT. The writer then wrote to him to ask why...or something. It's in one of their Vortex Magazines. Here's hoping Nick told him why. It sucked, that's why. It didn't present Adric in a good light nor was it accurate or respectful to the character.

AND...Mattew appeared on the making of the Fifth Doctor Era on BBC AMERICA>and he looked rather good.