chasepan (chasepan) wrote in earthshocked,

Matthew's book BLUE BOX BOY

IS anyone reading this journal any longer?

Matt's book came out and I got it over the last two weeks. It's an amazing read but I can't help wonder if he's not recalling things correctly or if he's just making some of it up. Sme facts are also wrong (he got the reason someone left wrong on some show or story, I can't recall and have to look it up again). I love the book though and it's hard to put down even if it makes DW fans and DW actors seem somewhat sad. And makes Tom Baker look like the biggest AHole.

BTW, Matthew unshamedly, admits through the story, that he's fully gay. He's also left out some things he claims by his own pen, which is unfortunate.

I can fully recommend this book though. You won't be bored.
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