chasepan (chasepan) wrote in earthshocked,

Psychodrome: great news !

Just finished Psychodrome and I nominate it for the best Big Finish ever up to now. I absolutely love it. It reminded me of why I fell in love with Doctor Who and this era in particular and the 19th season and the seasons directly before it (namely 15 through 17). The series, before Adric died, was filled with such promise and hope. BF as done an excellent job getting Matthew back and I love what he's doing in this and it more than makes up for the horrible Boy That Time Forgot. Second best must be the recent one with Mary Tamm, Jago and Litefoot and the best Doctor, Tom Baker, in an audio a few months ago now...I liked that one, too. In fact, most of what BF does is enjoyable. And I cannot praise their customer service more. They always fix any oversights, not that there have been many over the last 15 years and always listen to their customers and sort out problems with great communication. I can't praise them enough! Well done!
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