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Adric appears in the audio five of Destiny of the Doctors in a Tegan centric story but it does have him. Mattew, looking slim and neat, and talking well, appeared on BBC America's talking heads half hour about the 5th Doctor. It was positive about Adric and Earthshock. Adric might appear in another audio and in issue 5 of the American comic Prisoners of Time.

Vortex issue 41 July 2012 (Big Finish magazine)

The letters page has a letter from Matthew May titled "ADRIC?" It says, "Could you do a season of the Fourth Doctor adventures where he is traveling with Adric? It would take place between TE KEEPER OF TRAKEN and LOGOPOLIS. I would like to think they had some interesting adventures, just the two of them. You could do one with the Daleks and/or the Sontarans because Adric never encountered either of them during his travels with the Fourth of Fifth Doctor."

Nick Briggs' answer is most startling, "It's certainly something we'd consider doing." !

of course, I would not hold my breath. Nick has also stated that THE BOY TIME FORGOT was not his favorite cd story that was put out.


I wrote a fanfiction featuring Adric, Nyssa, Tegan and the 5th Doctor. I thought you guys might like to see it, so...here it is, I guess! (I didn't know how to attach a word document, so I had to copy and paste. Sorry!) 

I like the idea of Nyssa and Adric being a couple, so you'll see that demonstrated in this story.

They didn’t know what planet they were on--the TARDIS had a crash-landing. Nyssa and Tegan were lost. Adric wasn’t even sure what the Doctor was afraid of, but he knew for certain that he and the Doctor were scared.

              “Adric, stay down and crawl. Crawl until you’re far enough away where you can run and not be seen.”

              “But Doctor—“

              “Just go!” Adric reluctantly did what he was told. “Just get away from here, chap. I don’t want you to see me fall apart, if that’s what it’ll come to.” He whispered to himself. The extreme, undeniable fear ran through him when he saw the silhouette in the distance. He thought he would cry from sheer fear until he saw that the silhouette was Romana and K9 emerging from the woods.

              “Doctor? Is that you?”

              “Romana! K9! Romana, you look…exactly the way you did when you first joined me.” It was true. The Doctor knew he should be suspicious, but he felt like he was in a sort of trance. When he concentrated and tried to break it, he was overwhelmed with intense fear, so he let the trance take him once more. "So I assume you finished your work in E-Space, and quickly, too.”

              “E-Space? Is that where I was?”

              “Yes, and you looked different—you were blond.”

              “Was I? Well then, I guess I better change.” She passed her hand over her face, and she was her regenerated self. That shocked the Doctor out of his trance and he ran like lightning from the Romana who wasn’t Romana, and the K9 who wasn’t K9. As he ran he hoped—he prayed—that the others weren’t dealing with others of these creatures.


              Adric was confused. He didn’t know why he was running, what he was running from—or who he was running from. He only knew one think: that he had to run. After a long time of running, he sat down to rest against a tree. He soon saw a shadow moving towards him at an incredible speed. He was going to start running again, when he saw that it was Nyssa sprinting towards him.

              “Nyssa! Nyssa, are you all right? You’re not hurt?”

              “No…why…would I be?” She panted.

              “The Doctor was worried about something; scared, even. It bothers me.” Nyssa took his hand in hers.

              “Don’t let it worry you, the Doctor will be fine! Let’s just go back to the TARDIS and wait for him there.” They started walking a few feet, then Adric stopped.

              “But what about Tegan? Aren’t you worried about her, either? You know she still hasn’t properly adjusted to travelling with the Doctor.”

              Nyssa’s voice was stern now. “Adric, I want to go to the TARDIS, and you are the only one who can take me there.”

              “What do you mean? What about the Doctor? Tegan?” He asked warily. This didn’t sound like Nyssa at all. He was starting to wonder…

              “They’re occupied right now, as is the real Nyssa, so take me to your ship this instant!” the not-Nyssa grabbed Adric’s arm before he could get away.

              “I don’t know who you are, but I will never take you to the TARDIS!” The thing’s grip loosened, and he felt himself slip into a trance.

              “But Adric, I thought you were in love with the woman whose form I’ve taken.”

              “I am.” He said dreamily.

              “Wouldn’t you do anything for her?”


              “Take me to the TARDIS, Adric, and I’ll be sure she stays alive. Refuse…well, that’s another story. If you won’t listen to me, perhaps you will listen to someone else.” The not-Nyssa disappeared, leaving a not-Varsh in her place. The sight of him made Adric fall to the ground.

              “Take us to the TARDIS, Adric! You wouldn’t let the Outlers in the first time. Why? Because you are selfish! That’s all you’ve been your whole life. I took care of you for years, let you have the most food, stood up for you against the other children, suffered the bruises and black eyes, all for you!

              “When the time came for you to start supporting yourself, helping me, you betrayed me! You became an Elite. If Mother and Father could see you now, they’d be ashamed. You let me die! I will never forgive you.” He vanished. The last sentence played in Adric’s ears over and over again. He didn’t know how long he cried for, but he knew it was the hardest he had ever cried in his life.


              “Nyssa! Oh, Nyssa!”

              “Father, is that you?” Nyssa was careful, because the Master tricked her in a similar fashion. But when the figure drew near her, she saw that it really was her father.

              “Nyssa, there you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you! I need you to bring me to the Doctor’s TARDIS.”

              “But whatever for, Father?”

              “There is one surviving planet of the Traken union, and I’m to take you there at once, but it must be in the Doctor’s TARDIS.”

              “Father, I can’t just go! What about the Doctor and Tegan? I certainly can’t leave Adric, either!”

              “This association with non-Trakens—it’s not right, Nyssa!”

              “But Father, they saved Traken! Wait…I thought you had died…who are you?”

              “Take us to the TARDIS, Nyssa!” At that moment, the Master replaced her father. “Nyssa, I killed your father, I was the reason for the Doctor’s death and regeneration, and am highly capable of killing your companions. However, they shall be spared if you take me to the TARDIS.”

              Nyssa started to back away. “I don’t know who or what you are, but you’re not the master, and you’re certainly not my father I refuse to take you to the TARDIS, and if that means I must die, so be it.” She braced herself for a quick death, but the creature just disappeared. Nyssa, confused and a bit scared, sat down for a while.


              Tegan had been wandering these woods for almost an hour, with no sign of the Doctor anywhere. She sighed and sat down on a tree stump. ”Well you’ve done it now, Tegan.” She said to herself.

              “That’s for sure,” responded a familiar voice.

              “Auntie Vanessa?!”

              “Who else were you expecting, the Queen Mother? You’re always getting yourself into these situations.”

              “Auntie Vanessa, I—I thought you were—“

              “Thought I was what? I will never understand the things that go through that head of yours. Anyway, I could never forget how much of a disappointment you were—you are. Always breaking things, forgetting important details, making a complete mess of your life.” Tegan didn’t let her continue.

              “You’re not my Auntie Vanessa.”

              “What are you talking about?”

              “Sure, I totally messed things up a lot, but my real Auntie Vanessa never carried on the way you are doing right now. She forgave, loved, and supported me. Besides, she’s d—“ She didn’t need to finish. The Master snuck up behind Tegan’s aunt and did what Tegan never thought she’d have to witness: he turned her into a foot tall doll. Tegan didn’t stick around.

              She ran.

              She ran as fast as she could in the opposite direction, tears flowing from her eyes like rivers. Only one thing echoed in her mind: find the Doctor, and fast.


              Adric started to get tired. He shut his eyes, just for a moment, and when he opened them…

              Pain. So much pain. It was one that he recognized; one that could only come from one thing- the Hadron Web. The only difference between this time he was in the web and the first one is that he knew his computations weren’t being stolen. He cried out, and he saw the Master turn s dial, and the fiery pain increased. With every scream, the fire burned more and more and more…

              Adric knew he was going to die. This, by far, was the worst nightmare he’d had in ages. It felt so real; the electric fire that coursed through him, the last breath that had barley slip through his lips…

              “Adric! Wake up! Come on, Adric, resist! Resist!”

              “Doctor. It… felt so real.”

              “I don’t want to tell you this, but it seems I must. That pain I imagine you dreamt up was real.”

              “That’s ridiculous… isn’t it?”

              “Adric, if I had gotten here a moment later, you’d be dead.” The boy trembled and shook.
              “Doctor, it was the Master—he was here! I saw him, heard him. That face, that laughter…”

              “That you dreamt.”

              “No. No, that was real, I know it!” He inched backwards till he was clinging to the tree behind him. “Help me! Help me, Doctor, please! He’s after me!” The Doctor got closer to him, and as he did, he saw that Adric’s hair was a matted mess, and he had a look of sheer terror in his eye. Adric’s voice was quieter now. “The creatures said if I didn’t take them to the TARDIS, they’d kill Nyssa.” He looked up to face the Doctor. “Please, I beg you, don’t let them kill Nyssa. Please… please…”

              “I won’t.”

              “Promise. Promise me.”

              “I promise. Cross my hearts, I will not let any harm befall Nyssa.” Now. The Doctor was really worried. The poor boy is going insane. Come on, Doctor, snap him out of it. But how? If I don’t do this just right, he’ll only get worse.


Nyssa still sat in the same place where she’d seen the shape-shifter become first her father, then the Master. She was very upset for a while, until she remembered that it was just an illusion. She had sharpened a tree branch into a spear in case another of those creatures turned up. About a half an hour after the incident, she saw Tegan coming near her. But is it really Tegan, or another creature? She stood up and raised the make-shift spear. At the sight of this, Tegan backed up, and the fear in her eyes told Nyssa that this wasn’t an illusion. Oh, how perfectly barbaric I must look now! Those creatures are causing us to be at each other’s throats! She dropped the branch and stepped away from it. “I’m sorry, I thought you were one of those creatures.”

              “It’s fine, I thought you were one, too. If you didn’t attack me, I’d have certainly gone after you. Nyssa? What did you see?” The two friends sat and shared their stories, and when they both finished, went off in search for the Doctor.




              “I, uh, destroyed the Master while you were still asleep.”

              “Really? Are you sure?”

              “Yes. You have nothing to worry about. The Master is gone—“

              “Dead, you mean,” he interrupted.

              “Yes, of course. The Master is dead, and I promised that Nyssa would be all right, so you can relax now.”

              Adric’s tense expression eased a bit. Then, a twig snapped a few yards away, and Adric slipped back into mad anxiety. “What was that?!”

              “Doctor? Adric?” It was Nyssa, followed by Tegan. The sound of Nyssa’s voice quickly snapped him out of it.

              His tone was hushed and hurried. “Doctor, swear to me that you won’t tell the others about me. And don’t let them see me so unstable. Swear to me!”

              “I swear it.”

              There you two are! We’ve been looking for you for ages!” Tegan breathed with relief. Adric stood up and looked down somberly. Nyssa noticed his mood and walked over to him. She gently tilted his head up with one hand, and with the other, caressed the side of his face.

              “Adric, what’s wrong? You look so sad.” But he just turned away.

              “We should get to the TARDIS,” the Doctor instructed. Tegan and the Doctor walked ahead, but Nyssa and Adric lagged behind.

              “Adric, would it help if you told me what you saw?” He shook his head. She held his hand as they walked.

              “What’s made him so rude?” Tegan asked the Doctor.

              “He’s had a terrible experience, and he’s not dealing with it well. That’s all I can say. Tegan, go easy on him please,” he replied.

              Adric turned to Nyssa. “Go join the others. Don’t stay behind for my sake. I’ll be fine.” Nyssa kissed him on the cheek.

              “All right,” she jogged ahead to catch up with the others. After a while, the TARDIS came into view.

              “Oh, a sight for sore eyes!” Tegan exclaimed. But her joy was temporary, for out from the trees came the shape-shifters in their true form: silhouettes against the background. Tegan was paralyzed with fear. Adric completely lost it—he fell to his knees, trembling. Nyssa knelt beside him, worried and confused.

              “Doctor, what’s wrong with him?” Nyssa inquired frantically.

              The Doctor took out his sonic screwdriver, fiddling with it as he answered her. “He had a particularly bad hallucination; he’s still totally unstable! Ah-ha!” When the sonic screwdriver was on the Doctor’s desired setting, he blasted it. The frequency was so high, it shocked Tegan out of her paralysis and drove the creatures away. The disappearance of the creatures brought Adric back into sanity, and when he saw the others staring at him, he ran into the TARDIS in shame. The three that were left outside went into the TARDIS as well, and the Doctor quickly set new coordinates and took off.

              “Finally, it’s good to get away from there; wherever ‘there’ is.” Tegan sighed.

              “The Planet of the Shape-Changers. That’s where we were. The creatures lived in Time-Lord cautionary tales, but no one had ever really believed them. I’ll have to send a message back to Gallifrey, listing the coordinates so that no one will ever go there again.”

              “I’ll tell you, after that mess, I need to rest.” Tegan walked down the corridor to her room.

              “Doctor,” Nyssa began. “What was it that happened to Adric? Can’t you at least tell me?”

              “I suppose so, since he’s probably asleep in his room anyway. Adric saw a creature disguised as you that threatened to kill you, a vision of Varsh saying that he’d never forgive him for ‘letting him die’, and finally…”

              “‘Finally’ what, Doctor?”

              “Finally…he almost died, Nyssa.”


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The Jupiter Conjunction

This BIG FINISH audio features (sigh) Davison, a post Terminus but young again Nyssa, Turlough, and Tegan and is quite one of the best audios I have heard from this range: truly exciting, different and action filled and with plenty of good dialog for once. Oh yeah, and ADRIC is mentioned more than once. It almost brought a tear to my eye for him...and Nyssa who finds herself...well listen and find out.Recommended.

Also of note: LOST STORIES' GUARDIANS OF PROPHECY: a Keeper of Traken sequel...kinda.

State of Decay

I was just watching State of Decay yesterday, and for some reason this Adric quote amuses me:

"Like you said, you're on the menu! And if it's a choice between that and joining the diners...well there's no sense in the two of us getting the chop."
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DW - Doctor + kitty = love

Icons! And hello...

Er. Hi. *waves* I have some Adric icons. ♥ Because there need to be more Adric icons and all that... Plus, Adric is... well, sort of an idiot, but I like him all the same.

[25] Lost Girl
[63] Merlin + Colin Morgan
[67] Once Upon A Time
(1x13, 1x15, 1x20)

[106] Doctor Who (Classic - Full Circle, State of Decay. New - S4)

Here~ @ omnimoduschaos
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A very evil website that I HATE

I have found the worst website in the history of websites!!!! I was enraged when I found this, and sent the author a (very long) message stating my opinion on it. I felt that I should share this with the members of this website, in the hopes that others would say something to the author of this web-page as well. Post a comment, please! I'd like to know what other fans think of this.

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