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earthshocked's Journal

An Adric Fan Community
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All Members , Moderated
This is a fan community for the oft disliked companion Adric. We appreciate that some people may dislike the character of Adric (or the actor who portayed him, Matthew Waterhouse), but we're against the general, seemingly fandom-wise desire to hate the character. We are fans of his. If you're not, please bugger off. :)

Flames, trolls and the like will have their posts deleted, their IP addressed banned and their actions reported to LJ.

  • Fics, artwork, picspam, essays, intelligent and well-thoughtout debate, fanvids, icons and the like are all welcome.
  • Please LJ-cut any pictures over 400 pixels wide or long, any stories over 500 words long, or icons if they are more than three. :)
  • All types of Adric things are welcomed here--so if you want to write Doctor/Adric fic, or Nyssa/Adric or whatever you want, please feel free. We are gen, het and slash tolerate.
  • Anything over PG/13 / Teen level must be LJ-cut, and all fics, icons, artwork and the like be labeled with proper warnings!
  • Absolutely no character bashing of any sort! I don't care if you hate Tegan, or Turlough, or the Sixth Doctor or anything. We all know what it's like to be bashed for the character we like, and I will not tolerate it.

    I'll amend these rules as needed, if required. :)

    (Moderated and maintained by van)

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    Adric's Angels - an Adric forum board

    (Would you like to be an affiliate? Just drop me a line.)